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Buy from Nirvana Systems' OmniTrader line of Software products. If you would like to learn more about this family of software-based technical-trading tools and how OmniTrader Software will interface with Metastock and the Metastock database to improve your trading, visit the OmniTrader Software website at: OmniTrader

Free 3-Month Trial Subscription to SignalWatch and Hyperfeed Data Service

SignalWatch – Get unbiased daily analysis on the major indexes, daily signals on charts that are poised to move, and trading candidates marked with key technical patterns.

Hyperfeed Data – Data for Stocks, Indexes and Mutual Funds that is automatically downloaded and integrated into OmniTrader Software Package.

OmniTrader Software is available in the following editions:

Stocks Software -
Buy here for $495.00 - The Stocks Edition is our best-selling version, great for trading Stocks, Indexes, and Mutual Funds. You get all the features OmniTrader is famous for, including Fully-Automatic Signal Generation, Automatic Chart Patterns, Trading Game Simulator, Integrated Downloading, Portfolio, Chart Book feature and more.

Futures Software - Buy here for $695.00 - The Futures Edition includes all the features of the Stocks Edition, PLUS some great features just for Futures Traders, like automatic contract definition & rollover, automatic FREE downloading of Commitment of Trader's data from the CFTC, Seasonality Overlays, and more.

Real Time Software - Buy here for $995.00 - The Real Time Edition includes all the features of the Stocks AND Futures Editions, PLUS the ability to perform OmniTrader's classic automatic signal process in Real Time. Load up OmniTrader with a list of your favorite symbols, and wait for the software to fire Buy and Sell Signals on opportunities as they are discovered. It's no wonder that our Real Time users are such great fans. Supports all the popular data feeds for Real Time trading.

This sophisticated program guides you step-by-step through the entire trading process. OmniTrader's objective is simple, find the most effective system for trading a stock or future and then generate a buy or sell signal based on that system. Providing you with a list of trading opportunities. It does this by actually testing all 120 indicators over the last year and disregarding those that have not been accurate. It uses both daily and weekly charts to increase its accuracy. Incorporating a vote line to give you a consensus of different indicators to optimise success. OmniTrader is the most powerful automated technical analysis tool on the market today. No other technical analysis software makes trading so simple. It also has a handy portfolio built in that tracks your trades over the year, but more importantly it comes with a simulation mode where a traders can sharpen their skills as they trade phantom data as if it were real.

The software was developed as a solution for traders that needed to know firstly what indicators suit a stock for profitable day trader software. Should they use moving averages, stochastic, relative strength and so on? Secondly of those indicators what are the best parameters? Next they needed to know when those indicators are in a buy or sell position. This is too much calculation and work for any one trader, but to stay ahead you need the answers. Too many people try to use their fixed trading method to work out whether they should buy or sell a stock. They usually find this method only works some of the time. The fact is to trade successfully you need to adapt your system to suit the stock your trading, and that’s exactly what OmniTrader does.

With all of these answers available in minutes from OmniTrader its no wonder it has become the favourite of traders around the world. Whether they are short-term traders or long-term investors. This sophisticated program guides you step-by-step through the entire trading process. OmniTrader is the most powerful automated technical analysis tool on the market today. No other technical analysis software makes trading so simple. OmniTrader automates as much of the trading process as possible, enabling each trader to easily scan a universe of stocks, futures and options to determine the best prospects and then generate the best buy and sell signals in a matter of minutes. For the trading novice, OmniTrader is easy enough to be used right out of the box, yet comes equipped with the sophisticated features required by professional traders.

With OmniTrader you'll get complete charting, order entry, portfolio management, trade comparisons engine, automatic stops and order confirmation, and a trading simulation - everything you need to mange your trades on a daily basis for profitable day trader software. Trading systems can be plotted on daily or weekly charts, as well as automatically generated trend lines, trending bands, support and resistance lines, and candle patterns. An integrated portfolio manager is included, and OmniTrader can contain an unlimited number of securities in each of it's profiles. Customized features for daily automation of the signal generation process to addition the unique trading simulation allows you to practice trading with OmniTrader. When quality of information and ease of use matter, OmniTrader is the clear choice in technical trading software.

If you are dissatisfied for any reason with your purchase of OmniTrader Software, you may return the software within 30 days for a 100% refund, less shipping.