End-of-Day 4.0 MTPredictor Advanced Elliott Wave Analysis Software.

WPT module (Wave Price Targets)
Trade entry set-up bars
Show Eliott waves
Automatic Trade set-ups
Trade Scanner Module
Training Mode
Risk/Reward module
Minor Pullback trade set-up
Dynamic Gann Levels (DGL's)
Natural Time Vibration (NTV) module

Uniquely focused on professional low risk/high return trading

The new MTPredictor™ End-of-Day 4.0 program is unique. It is designed exclusively with only one aim in mind - to provide a systematic, decisive process for traders to find exceptionally low risk/high return trades which are then managed along consistent guidelines. Its Isolation Approach™ to Elliott Wave avoids the confusion of conflicting patterns and timeframes, enabling the trader to concentrate on the crucial Risk/Reward equation.

Built for both swing traders and longer-term position-takers, it is perfect for those seeking trades lasting from several days to several weeks.

Either way, the single goal is to help traders build a successful trading plan by identifying, evaluating and managing 'ideal trades' uncovered by the software, time after time. Whilst keeping completely focused on the Risk/Reward ratios essential for success.

Finding ideal trades, analysing risk/reward outlooks, managing exit stop placement

EOD 4.0 uses our unique Isolation Approach™ to Elliott Wave for Risk/Reward trading. It is for traders, not forecasters.

At its core, the Trade Scanner automatically searches for a recurring and simple type of market movement (an 'ABC' correction-to-trend). In Standard Use, the Scanner can sift through your database of markets to find any chart showing an ABC correction which is not only at a critical price level but also showing specific signs of price reversal. The vital Analyze function both calculates and displays the Risk/Reward outlook of any such 'ideal set-up'. This helps assess whether its potential return sufficiently outweighs its initial (money) risk of loss - an 'ideal trade'.

The Initial Risk Calculator module determines the size of the position to trade. Using either the fixed or variable fractional method, this helps ensure that any initial loss is kept within the % risk parameters for the fund - 'ideal trade size'.

The Analyze display function projects the relevant Profit Targets for the trade onto the chart (including the price at which 100% of initial money risked will be covered and the price at which 2-3x risk will be made). This enables visual evaluation of Risk/Reward prospects and visual confirmation of the exit stop strategy - 'ideal trade management' and 'trading psychology'.

Longer-term & shorter-term trades can be identified easily by using the Major and Minor waves options in the software, while traders can also learn from history by checking previous examples of trade set-ups using the Historical Search module and Training Mode.

For Advanced Use, the Scanner allows other valid trade set-ups to be found within the MTPredictor process eg. Minimum & Maximum price zones for unfolding set-ups, early warnings of emerging set-ups, set-ups not showing an ABC sub-division etc. Time/volume/oscillator indicators can be used to add weight to set-ups, if desired. Expert traders can also use the selective library of advanced techniques (including manual analysis) to uncover set-ups. Advanced Use also allows expert trade management plans to be followed eg. multiple-position trading.