- Low price
Stability and reliability
- Flexibility and multifield usage
- Automation of many dealing operations
- Meeting requirements of the clients
- Safety
- Low requirements to equipment and connection

The online trading platform “DealingOffice” allows to make
transactions with different financial instruments via Internet.

Low price
Our products are several times cheaper than programs supplied by other
companies. We can accept payment by installments and allow discounts to our

Stability and reliability
All calculating modules were tested during one year with two other
calculating systems to ensure their reliability. No errors and
failures were found – your clients may deepen themselves into the
market analysis without checking the calculations.
In a whole, the simplicity of the system guarantees its high
reliability and fast removal of possible errors.

Flexibility and multifield usage
The trading platform can deal with several types of financial
instruments (currencies, CFD) may be adjusted to any individual
requirements. It is possible to make fast settings of such parameters
as spreads, commission, roll-overs and others, use discounts for
different clients which makes it a very flexible instrument for your business.
The system uses the latest achievements in the modern technology for
servicing your clients, such as INSTANT EXECUTION at current quotes.

Automation of many dealing operations
Many operations connected with dealing processes such as execution of
limiting and market orders, closing clients’ positions at stop-outs
and others are performed automatically, which lowers the risk of
personnel’s mistakes and allows one man only to manage several hundred
clients’ accounts.

Meeting requirements of the clients
The trading platform was developed by our specialists, who have a wide
experience in working on financial markets, together with a group of
highly qualified programmers. That is why it has a simple and handy
interface, obvious by intuition even without reading a manual, which
makes it easy to use by beginners. A number of special features, such
as sending online messages to the clients and the list of the clients
operating at the moment, will provide efficient interaction with your clients.

All data transferred between different modules of the trading platform
via Internet are encoded in accordance with a special algorithm. It
guarantees their strong protection from cracking and using by other
persons. The level of safety may be increased at your option.
Great attention is also paid to the protection from evil intents of
insiders – at your option we create several terminals with different
access rights in order to plan the system of safety of the trading
platform with individual access rights for each specialist.

Low requirements to equipment and connection
The trading terminal works properly even on computers with Pentuim I
processors and minimum size of RAM.
The system works even at a very slow and unstable Internet connection.
If the connection between the server modules and dealing desk is
broken the autoconfirm/autodecline mode of clients’ deals is switched
on so that instability of Internet-connection doesn’t do any harm to your
Very small size of client’s terminal makes it very easy to download
through the Internet.